Our associates and business partners are a large part of our business and we are proud of them.

Its our business to put you in touch with the right people, in the right industry to give you the right outcome. We do that through our years of experience and knowledge. Here are some examples of some of the companies and organisations that we work with to find the right business solutions for you.

HR Recruiting, Assessment & Coaching 

Premier Global International SRL

Change Consultancy & Training, UK

English Language Training/Courses

Please view all our English Language providers on our Education Providers Page.

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Real-estate / Property Development

Empire International, UK

M/S. Mohammad Al Othman Travel & Tours Agency Co.

Mr. Dheya Haider,

Tel: +966 3 897 0222  (Toll Free 800 304 0033)  Fax: +966 3 898 0256

Project Equipment & Services Provider

Asas Aljood – Saudi Arabia

Process Equipment Design/Fabricator

Bijing JAT-CVA

Special Equipment Manufacturing Co. China

Fire, Gas& Security Systems

Pan Gulf Industrial Systems, Saudi Arabia

Process Analytical Solutions

Mannai Technical Services, Bahrain/Saudi Arabia

Hygienic & Industrial Process Equipment

Induchem, Ireland

Valve Rehabilitation, Maint & Services

Comid Valve Services, UK

Safety, Security & Fire Systems & Panels

Scame Sistemi s.r.l, Italy

Induction Heat Technology & Services

Rapid Heat Systems – UK

Energy Projects Development

Energy for One World


Premier Global International SRL

Process Equipment Engineering & Consultancy

Salamah Consulting Engineering – Saudi Arabia