The Team

Eisa S Alothman
Managing Director

Eisa is a Saudi Arab native who graduated from high school in Saudi Arabia in 1969 and completed his further studies in Norwich and Cambridge graduating with various certificates and diplomas in 1979.
Since his graduation, Eisa has been working in the Middle East for over 30 years with various leading business organisations within the Oil & Gas sector in different leading and managerial roles. He also attended and completed successfully various numbers of specialized training/development courses including EMBA
Eisa returned to the UK in 2007 where he continued working with a Saudi leading business group focusing on projects related to the Middle East.
In 2010 capitalizing on his wealth of knowledge in the Middle East and the vast contact base he has built through the years, Eisa founded Project Facilitators & Services Company Ltd “PFSCO” as a UK based company providing various consultancy/facilitating services world-wide with focus on the Middle East region.
Eisa’s Business Card
Brian G Sendall
ACMA Associated Consultant

Brian is a Retired Management Accountant who has spent over 25 years in Saudi Arabia working on different finance/administration executive managerial levels with various large business organisations/companies.
Besides his managerial duties while he was working in the Middle East, Brian has 15 years committee service as General Secretary and Treasurer to the British Businessmen’s Association at the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, Brian comes with a vast knowledge of the Middle East culture and business ethics and trends.
Brian’s Business Card
Hassan Alkowari
Business Development Manager (Training / Education) and Legal Advisor, Middle East Region
Hassan is a Saudi national, graduated with honours (Bachelor’s Degree in Law) from the University of Applied Sciences in Jordan. He received a certificate of excellence from the Kingdom of Bahrain Cultural Bureau, and a certificate of appreciation from the Arab Chamber for Conciliation and Arbitration from the University of Philadelphia, for the participation in the pre-qualification of arbitrators for the Arabs.
He was selected from several thousand of Saudi applicants to join the Governmental Affairs Department of Saudi Aramco; one of the largest oil corporation in the world, as a trainee in PR administration and legal advisory where he gained substantial experience in both topics and contract development.
After completing the training period with Saudi Aramco, Hassan has been awarded with a full scholarship to the Crown Post-Graduate Degree in Education by the Ministry of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia enabling him to continue his further education and gain higher degree in the UK.
Hassan has spent the last year working on developing and improving his English language skills whilst engaging with study at Brunel University for his Master’s Degree “LLM” in International Economic and Trade Law.